Saeed is assistant professor of entrepreneursip and marketing in Allameh Tabataba'i University since 2015. ATU is the the largest specialized public university in humanities and social sciences in Iran, with about 16000 students and 550 full-time faculty members.



2011-2014: PhD in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Dissertation: An investigation into the role of serendipity, effectuation, and entrepreneurial marketing in fast-growth entrepreneurial firms

Supervisory team: Dr. Sussie Morrish, Dr. Joerg Finsterwalder

2004-2006: Master of Business Administration, majoring in International Marketing, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran

Dissertation: Development of vehicle export strategies through application of “Fuzzy Logic.” Case study: Saipa corporation

Supervisory team: Dr. Abdolreza Beiginia, Dr. Ahmad Roosta

2000-2004: Bachelor of Business Administration, Shahid Beheshti university


Field of Research

- Entrepreneurship

- Marketing

- Entrepreneurial Marketing

- Entrepreneurs' Decision Making (Effectuation Theory)


Research/Scholarly/Creative Works


Mirvahedi, Saeed. Toghraei, Mohammad Taghi. Hashemi, Somayeh. Allahverdy Zadeh, Negar (2019), "Skills and regulations of doing business”, first edition, Tehran, Iran University, Publication (In Persian Language). 

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Scholarship and grants

2013    Academy of Marketing PhD students’ bursary (€ 300)

2013    Research committee grant, University of Canterbury (NZ$ 1,000)

2011    Department grant, University of Canterbury (NZ$ 1,500)

2011    University of Canterbury International Doctoral Scholarship (NZ$ 25,000 p.a)


Previous Employment

Assistant professot of entrepreneurship in school of entrepreneurship in Art university of Isfahan.

CEO in TBNCO, active in field of education, training, consulting, researching and publishing of marketing issues, (2009-2010)

Marketing research expert, in TMBA, active in field of education, training, consulting, researching and publishing of marketing issues, (2008)

Marketing manager of Pegahsystem Company, active in field of IT, (2007-2008)

Marketing researchexpert in Strategic center of SAIPA Automobile Corporation, (2004-2007)


Language skills

Persian: Native

Azeri (Turkish): Native Like

English: Academic IELTS, 2007


Professional skills

Computer and Internet

Microsoft Office

Statistical Analysis: SPSS, SAS and SigmaXL

Marketing Planpro software


Professional Qualifications

Strategic Thinking course, Industrial Management Institute, 2008, Tehran, Iran

Excel for Marketing Managers, Industrial Management Institute, 2009, Tehran, Iran


Additional Information

Interested in sport: Black (Dan 2) belt in self defense (a kind of martial arts)